Why Students face stress in education life

Education system has changed completely from what it was before 30 years. Now, institutes are focusing on both practical and theoretical knowledge instead of relying on just theories and concepts.

Ongoing competition, industry demand, and rapid technology development has overloaded burden on students. Students are facing stress in the small age because of extreme education pressure.

Let us have a look at the factors responsible for the stress development among students: –

Heavy study materials

School bags are much heavier than the TV set. A student visit schools with dozens of books and copies. He needs to pull the weigh on his/her shoulders every day. Also, the one-by-one lectures annoy them. 6 hours school study and weigh pulling feels them tired and lazy all the day.


Institutes and assignments have a deep relation. Professors and teachers ask students to write assignments when they leave for home. Tiredness and then again homework makes the situation more boring. They need to complete assignments of each and every subject. It increases pressure on students. Students try to get rid of assignment writing and always wish to have an essay helper for writing academic papers.

They do not get proper time for recreation because they found involved in completing papers. An incomplete paper work can lead to poor grades. It spoils their mood.

Busy Study Schedule

Students do not get time for daily study because of busy timeline. So, parents send them in coaching classes for improving study skills. Once student reach to home in the evening, he becomes tired and restless because of enough mental and physical exercise.

Parents also ask them to study at home for revising whatever they have studied in the class. They say it for their improvement but students feel it annoyed and often show anger, irritation, and rude expression. All these signs show the symptoms of stress.

So, it is necessary for educational institutes to take care of students and not to put heavy burdens on small kids. They are going to represent the future’s world and they should be healthy and intelligent for the better development of the world.


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