Problems Faced By students while writing essays

Are you writing an essay? Do you face problems while writing essays? Do you want to get rid of problems and need to achieve good grades?

Welcome! This post is only for you. Read all basic problems in details and get solutions to overcome them.

Essay writing and academics are interconnected to each other. Students face various types of essay writing tasks while pursuing education. College, university, and school ask their students to write essays. They practice essay writing to judge their potential. But, essay writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. One needs to enhance skills to write high-quality and engaging essay piece.

While writing essays, students face various problems. They do not get the solution to it and fail to write impressive copy.

Here are the problems faced by students while writing essays: –

How to initiate essays?

Students get stuck to this question “How to initiate an essay?” They invest a lot of time in thinking about it. The result they do not get a solution for it.

Solution: -Map the subject in your brain and perform analysis on it. Write down some key points and identify the purpose of essay writing. Think about its type and demand. Once you understand it, you will be able to write impressive essay introduction.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is the key point of any essay. It is the single line that defines what you are going to discuss/present in the essay. Many students face problems in writing a unique thesis statement that helps users to map the essay purpose.

Solution: -Always write thesis statement before writing essay body. Once you write it, present it to your teacher, friends, and family members. Gather their feedbacks and do necessary improvement.

Topic research

Students have one common myth that everything is easy to find on the internet. But, this is partially correct. Many times, the internet provides limited information on rare subjects/topics. It is also possible that you will need to work hard to collect information on the internet. Sometimes, professional language makes it unclear. It makes research a hard task.

Solution: -You can overcome the complex situation by reading books. Issue books from libraries and read it to collect information. Take help of parents and family member for research. They can turn into the best essay helper for you.



Essay writing involves third-person voice. Students use “I”, “We”, “me” like words that do not meet the essay demand/objective.


Solution: -Always write essays as a third-person. Also, use simple words and short sentences to make it readable. Try to limit sentences between 15-18 words.


Citing problems

Citing should be done properly otherwise, it will count as plagiarism.  Many students lose good grades because of poor or no citing/referencing.

Solution: -You should revise the essay before submission. If you are not sure how to cite then ask professors or experts for help.


These are the major problems faced by students while working on essays.


If you are facing any problem and did not get any solution then do hire assignment help online to get rid of assignments problems immediately.






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