Why university students doesn’t get enough time for academic paper writing

Academic paper writing is a common task in education temples. University, college, and school all practice it. They conduct academic paper writing task to judge the potential of students. It helps them to analyze the positive and negative sides.

It is seen that university students fail to complete academic papers on time. A late or incomplete submission directly affects academic grades. Professors don’t tolerate lose work. They give poor grades to students who submit the academic paper after the deadline.

There are various factors that make university students unable to complete academic papers on time: –

University students do part-time jobs and attend regular lectures

Many students opt for abroad education while others leave their cities for it. An unknown place without a support of parents, relatives and friends increases worries in terms of finance and management.  Around 60-70% university students do part-time jobs. They do it to earn money to pay the tuition fee, book fee, room rent, and to manage other financial matters. A leave in the job deducts their money. So, it’s a compulsory piece of work for them to earn cash.

Universities are strict and prompt. They ask students to maintain a good attendance record. Students below 80% attendance can face troubles. Many universities don’t allow students to appear in the examination below average attendance. So, they involve themselves in college activities.

Students attend lectures in the morning and do part-time jobs in the evening. They don’t get enough time to write assignments.

Research issues

Professors and teachers ask students to complete the task by themselves. They don’t help them. The trusted source for research “search engines” also provides limited information on some topics. It makes research a complex work. Students need to visit libraries, read books, articles, and other stuff to complete it. All these things took more time that sometimes result in late submission.

Universities accept plagiarism free work only

University is the highest authority in all education level. They follow a disciplined structure in the campus. They have made some rules regarding academic papers. The universities never accept duplicate work. The duplicate work in the academic paper is known as plagiarism. They ask to write plagiarism free academic papers.

A student needs to initiate writing work after the research. He/she cannot implement the research content in the academic papers. It becomes a lengthy work that takes time.


Short deadlines

Universities assign short deadlines to complete academic papers. Thesis, dissertation, research paper, essay, case studies are the demons that demand enough time to research. This makes the task more complex. Students work hard to complete it in the busy schedule but 60% fail to complete it.

All these things are responsible for late submission and incomplete submission.

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